AGRP (I), (II) & (III)

(Advanced Global Research Program)

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AGRP (1:1 Global Research)

AGRP (Advanced Global Research Program) is a research program for academically ambitious students. Students work one-on-one with a research mentor from a top university to produce an independent research project. Student and Phd mentor develop and write a research paper that involves original data analysis and then go through the process of submitting their work to a high-level or international academic journal, magazine, competition or conference. Students demonstrate advanced work in their field of interest, stand out in the admissions process, and build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Application Process:
  Step 1: Submit AGRP Application before the deadline
  Step 2: Interview: Student will be scheduled for an interview
  Step 3: Selected student will be matched with a mentor in their area of field of interest
  Step 4: Start the program

  Student & mentor individual sessions-12 weeks, college-level academic paper *
  Publication in high school or college-level journal, 3-2 months research time and 1-4 months publication time*
  Highly Selective AGRP(III) will have a distinct extended timeline (6-12 months). Students work with mentor to develop and write a research that involves original data analysis and submits work to a high-level or international academic journal, magazine, highly selective STEM or humanities, academic competition, or conference.*

*All Programs include one-year college financial aid service. (Up to 10 schools for CSS PROFILE) One-time special handling fee may be applied. Inundated with high-achieving applicants, colleges often identify research as an effective measure to distinguish those students who standout showing academic grit. The exposure to intensive research experience may heavily influence the way a student may approach his/her major or field of interest. Research is a systematic investigation of a topic that leads to new discoveries. It is said that research is the pinnacle of academic achievement in higher education. A research project is a unique and personal achievement that allows a student to showcase intellect, passion, and novel creativity.

The question is how can you stand out among the increased college applicants? Now more than ever, students need to show strong evidence of substantial scholarship or academic creativity for a high academic rating. What does it take to get a high academic rating? Academic rating shows student’s academic achievement and potential based on grades, testing results, letters of recommendation, academic competitions, and student’s submitted academic work as in research, etc. In many cases, an applicant receiving a high academic rating has submitted academic work reviewed by a faculty member. Research shows strong evidences of substantial scholarship or academic creativity. Chances of admission rise highly with improved academic ratings and research helps achieve high academic rating. What makes you stand out from the crowd or your college application? How are you different from your peers? Will you publish a paper? Come up with your very own research project? Answering these questions is exactly what AGRP is all about.

With AGRP research program, students will develop their very own passion project while receiving personalized feedback from an expert mentor. Improve college admission rate and taxonomy points for the college admissions and also to enhance the eligibility for more gifted aids such as grants/scholarships as well. Students are given an opportunity to produce amazing research from published research papers to works of art that nourish their academic passions and stand out on college applications. AGRP provides challenging journey from high school to college through an online research program founded by Harvard, MIT and Stanford PhD experts.

Imagine, your passion research project could be next!

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AGRP (1:1 Global Research)